Taking it to the limit!

"Phiroze has provided a number of track training days for me. Each one has been very successful with detailed pre- planning and excellent attention to all safety aspects of the track day. His knowledge and approach of driver training is controlled and very informative. I look forward to working with him again".

Gary White  - Dobson White Partnership

People often ask me what performance upgrades they should have done to their car in order to go quicker. Should they upgrade the suspension, the brakes, the power of the engine or a multitude of other performance enhancing upgrades, and my answer is always the same .......

"The most important component in a car is the nut behind the wheel! In other words spend time improving your own driving skills and you will naturally go quicker".

Motorsport aside, almost every other sphere of competitive sport employs coaches. Athletes rely on their coaches, the biggest names in football have a whole host of guidance, and boxers have trainers in the corner of the ring. Racing drivers and driving enthusiasts on the other hand, don't always feel the need to take advice, but professional driver coaching from experienced GT and Touring car driver Phiroze Bilimoria, will improve your performance regardless of your experience.



Speed is the end product of correct technique and our 'Track Academy' course is designed to suit the all levels of ability - whether a novice or an experienced track or race driver.

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