​In the fiercely competitive arenas of Motorsport and business, the real winners are those who have natural talent, experience and a passion to succeed - plus an elusive star quality that makes them stand out from the crowd. Indian born race driver Phiroze Bilimoria has these winning qualities.

For many years, Phiroze has been the only Indian born racing driver, competing successfully on an international level in GT cars like Ferrari, Aston Martin and Porsche.

Aligning that with the Indian culture where one tends to follow a personality rather than just a brand or product, creates a unique marketing opportunity.

As such, Phiroze is uniquely positioned as a sporting personality and brand ambassador for organisations wishing influence and capitalise on the rapidly growing Indian market as well as those Indian organisations wishing to expand into the UK, Europe and North Amercia.

The attributes of motorsport – SUCCESS, TEAM WORK, SPEED, EFFICIENCY & WINNING, can be aligned to any successful business.

The allure and glamour of motorsport has always been attractive to organisations and we can demonstrate how a partnership with India’s top GT racing driver along with the Phiroze Racing Brand is not only one of the most cost effective ways of communicating information to the widest possible audience, but it can provide a powerful focus for a wide range of other marketing activities.