For drama, atmosphere and sheer spectacle, nothing can beat top flight motorsport at close quarters. With luxurious facilities and superb food, you won't find a better way to entertain your clients and colleagues than at a race day with International GT Racer - Phiroze Bilimoria.

Business Success is formulated on strong and lasting relationships and a hospitality programme with Phiroze Racing promises one of the most cost effective ways of achieving this. With magnificent supercars all around you, exclusive hospitality in the thick of the race paddock and a day behind the scenes with a leading team, is an experience at a motor race will never be the same again.

Your exclusive hospitality and centre pass gives you access to a world of comfort, which includes a generous dining space, comfortable sofas, plasma screens showing previous races and a great view from the roof terrace., the perfect way to entertain your clients and business associates.

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